Apr 092008
[Originally posted on Familiar Strangers blog]

I think a lot about McLuhan’s claim that media are extensions of ourselves. Here is my latest insight: hypertextuality is extension of our essentially non-linear thinking patterns. Linear text in type can only go so far. Genealogy is a good example. A genealogical narrative is by no means linear. First, you have two parents, and they have two parents etc. OK, maybe that is still linear in a way. But then you add in elements of place, relationship to historical events, interfamilial marriages, non-familial connections, the connection of two people to one document… You get my point.

I also think a lot about how happy I am to live in the age of the internet. This makes me truly geeky, right. No, seriously, I am happy to live in age where every day someone thinks of a new tool to put on the internet to help me extend or reflect my mind. And just to prove my point, here is my latest find: www.mind42.com. I have mapped out my project with this tool and it was shockingly refreshing to be freed from a Microsoft Word outline template. You can see a bigger version of this here.

Click here to see a larger version of the map.