Jan 072008

About a year ago, when my grandmother died, I started to look some genealogical information on the internet in order to put together a photo/family album of my grandmother’s life.  One google search later and I had at least five sites that referred to my great-great-great-grandfather.  Yikes!  The internet had radically changed genealogy since my last abortive attempts to put together our family history at the age of twelve.  Suddenly, the hunt involved clever google searches, insanely rich online archives and the distinctly real possibility of discovering more about my family’s past than is probably healthy.   I was hooked and a year later I have amassed some pretty cool stories, photos and information.

With this blog, I would like to share all of my research with anyone who cares. Ultimately, I will put together hard cover copies of my research into the important families in my life, however, right now, I would like to share the progress of my research and get feedback on what I am collecting.

Here’s a couple of disclaimers. As I have learned, it is incredibly easy to make mistakes in genealogy research, so beware.  There are mistakes living here!  However, bring them to my attention and I will do my best to correct them.

Feel free to copy and pass on anything that you find here, but share alike and let me know if you have information that might be of interest to me.  There is a non-commercial creative-commons licence for this site which means that you can’t use any of my research to make money.

I have done my best to ensure that the privacy of the living members of my family is maintained.

You can contact me at twigg3d@gmail.com if you have any questions about my research.  I look forward to hearing from you!