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1  Bath, Mary (I4544)
- In Toronto Insane Asylum when 18. (
- Daughter Mary fell off bed and broke her neck - died. Sarah went to mental hospital in Kingston and died there. Grandfather Anthony Sherwin and wife raised the following five children. (From Sherwin Family Tree). This can’t be right because Anthony died in England.
- Cannot find record of Mary’s death
- Must have entered asylum between 1872 and 1881. 
Coombs, Sarah Jane (I2338)
- There are several Pogue families in Victoria County.
- Possibly daughter of William Pogue???
- Related to Alexander Pogue?
- Another site lists her as the daughter of John Pogue and Mary. Nosources provided. If she is the daughter of John and Mary, possiblesiblings are James, b. 1829 in Monaghan and Isabella, b. 1825 inMonaghan.
- Last name on Robert Burk’s death certificate

Headstone Inscription:

FEB. 11, 1884

(Poem is too worn to read well)

FEB. 11, 1884.

Ingoldsby Cemetery
Minden Township 
Pogue, Elizabeth (I1459)
4 !NAME:
Anna or Eva Maria WEINECKE 
Weinecke, Anna Maria (I2318)
5 - 1851 and 61 censuses list his birthplace as Eaglesham, Renfrewshire.
- There is a James Alexander b. 13 Aug 1805 to William Alexander andAnn Walker in Eaglesham. This would fit nicely. 
Alexander, James (I4279)
6 - 1851 census lists her place of birth as Cadder.
- Death record lists her as pauper, single. Parents are JohnAlexander, carter and Lilias Stevenson Alexander.
- Age at death is listed as 43. This is slightly off. According tobirth records, she would have been 45 in 1879 
Alexander, Janet (I2442)
7 - 1852 census for Seneca Township in Haldimand County no longer exists(LAC) Mary (I1987)
8 - 1852 census for Seneca Township in Haldimand County no longer exists(LAC) Robinson, John (I3769)
9 - 1852 census has birth year as 1817.
- Granted land in 1833 
Shouldice, George (I1716)
10 - 1861 Canada Census states he was born in England.

- 1871, 1881, 1901, and death record state he was born in the U.S.

- 1891 census states he was born in Nova Scotia

- I believe he was probably born en route to Ontario

25 Apr 1906
Mr and Mrs Philip Puley, Bowmanville, have returned from a pleasant visit with friends in Fenelon Falls.

19 Sep 1906
Mr and Mrs Philip Puley attended the funeral of their sister-in-law Mrs. Thos Puley, Oakwood. The Canadian Statesman, Bowmanville, ON, 19 Sep 1906, pg. 5.

17 Oct 1906
Mr. Thos Puley, Oakwood, is spending Thanksgiving holidays with his brother Philip Puley. The Canadian Statesman, Bowmanville, ON, 17 Oct 1906, pg. 5 
Puley, Thomas (I1712)
11 - 1861 Census. Living with Jacob Zimmerman, carpenter. Truax, Reuben Eldridge (I3241)
12 - 1868-9 Directory - not listed
- 1870 Directory - not listed
- 1871-2 Directory - not listed
- 1872-3 Directory, possibly William Melville boarding with HughMelville at 23 Strachan Ave
- 1873 Directory - not listed
- 1874 Directory - possibly Melville __, porter, 36 West Market
- 1876 Directory - possibly William Melville, salesman at 49 Portlandor William Melville, grocery and provisions, Borden w s

- Also living with the family in 1881 is Maggie Mair, 28, servant.

- Death certificate lists his parents as Francis and Sarah Melville. 
Melville, William (I4300)
13 - 1871 Census. Living with brother Reuben and his wife Jessie. Also brother Joseph. Truax, Philip (I506)
14 - 1885 - Living with an aunt in the US according to Delmer Burke
- mother died after giving birth to Frederick

1895 Minnesota Census
- Living with Elizabeth Shouldice and her husband James David Reekie. 
Burke, Frederick Whitlock (I4012)
15 - 1900 Census has immigration year as 1863, but they were present in1860 census so date must be wrong.
- can’t find her on IGI 
Preston, Louisa (I2892)
16 - 1901 census lists b/d as 15 May 1882 Cameron, David John (I3762)
17 - 1901 Census lists her birthday as 15 Aug 1884.
- Found this web site which lists her as married to Walker Leonard Corneil: 
Puley, Lilian Maude (I342)
18 - 1911 Census indicates one child who died Player, Unknown (I3761)
19 - 1911 census list birth date as 1856

- Toronto Directory lists John Alexander of Alexander, Clare andCable, 422 Queen St. W.

- 422 Queen W is now Blair & Hawthorne, Boots, &c.

23 May 1886
A Printing House Damaged.
Toronto, Ontario, May 23.-The Mail printing office was damaged by fireSaturday night to the extent of $80,000. Flames were first observedissuing from the windows on the second floor, which is occupied byAlexander & Cable, lithographers, and the fire quickly spread to theeditorial and composing rooms above. The fire also spread to the flooroccupied by the Mail Job Printing Company, completely destroying thetype owned by the company. Alexander & Cable suffer a total loss ofstock and machinery. The type in the Mail office was badly damaged,but enough was left so that the paper can be issued this morning.Watchman Thomas Carroll, while endeavoring to extinguish the fire, wasbadly burned, and was taken to the hospital. The Mail’s insurance onplant is $5,000 in each of the following companies: Northern Royal,Caledonian, Citizens’, Phoenix, London and Lancashire, Queen’s,Assurance Corporation, and Western; on building, London andLancashire, $10,000; City of London, Royal, $5,000 each. Alexander &Cable’s loss is $10,000; insurance, $8,000. The Mail Job PrintingCompany’s loss has not yet been ascertained.
The New York Times, New York, NY 24 May 1886

Accompanying this exciting forgery is the following letter written by
W.W. Alexander on March 14, 1936:
"About 1887 - when I was apprentice in my brother's company, The
Alexander & Cable Lithographing Company of Toronto, I recall the
circumstances of the engraving of a fac-simile of the famous Connolly
Stamp of New Brunswick issued without authority of the Crown, by the
then Postmaster General of New Brunswi

My brother John, the engraver, had no knowledge of its scarcity or
value, when he undertook to engrave on copper, a replica of theoriginal,
for a stamp dealer also a tenant of the Mail building where the
company's plant was also located. They represented, it was merely for
advertising purposes, as it bore on an outside border the firms nameand
`facsimile' below, but stipulated that a space of 1/g" or so be leftaround
the stamp. The plate was finished and a thousand copies were printed,
when it occurred to my brother to ascertain if the copying of this old
stamp was an infraction of the law, and in reply, the Attorney Generalat
Ottawa, hinted that it might be an offence under the Criminal Code. Of
course the stamps printed were never delivered to the customer,although
he insisted on being a witness at their incineration in the furnace ofthe
Mail building where A&C Co plant was located.
The plate also was defaced with 2 grave cuts across the head, and
afterwards boy-like I pulled a proof of the counterfeit showing the
gashes of destruction, the only copy to my knowledge ever made, asthis
plate was scrapped. The angry attitude of the customer was suspicious
evidence that they were likely to be going to sell the specimens asgenuine
to the unsuspecting public..
Five years afterwards, when a fire occurred in the plant of A&C
with considerable damage, a letter came from Chicago, in which the
former philatelic faker, gleesomly gloated over the Co's misfortune,
inferring `I told you I'd get even' etc etc.
Comprehensive and fascinating details of the Connell stamps, the
Postmaster General's resignation and the forgery can be found in
Nicholas Argenti's New Brunswick and Nova Scotia . Argenti points out
that if the outer borders were cut off and the stamp perforated, the
forgeries would have deceived a number of people. This copy was the
only one printed, but there is always the possibilty that a fewescaped the
incinerator in which case they would be clear of defacement lines.


- Company now Alexander and Cable.

William Melville, President, Alexander and Cable Co. WilliamAlexander is V-Pres, Richard Larkin, sec-tres

Wm Cable, Pres, Wm Alexander V-Pres, Richard Larkin, sec-tres. 
Alexander, John (I3262)
20 - 1911 census lists him as adopted son.
- According to Christine Lipsett, Albert was adopted by the Lipsettswhen his parents were crushed by a a cart of wood. 
Lipsett, Albert Clifford (I1960)
21 - 1911 census says that they had 7 children, 6 living.
- Address on Herbert’s burial record is Union Street, Butts 
Player, Herbert (I3146)
22 - 1911 census says that they had one child who died Player, Unknown (I522)
23 - 1920 Federal Census: George Reid 21, a Type Setter in a News Officeborn in New York and Alah 22, born in Michigan lived in a House theyrented at 946 North 4th in the 1st Ward of Saginaw City, Michigan withtheir daughter Thelma 2 3/12, born in Michigan.
- 1930 Federal Census: George A. Reid 32, a Printer in a NewspaperCompany born in New York and Alah 32, born in Michigan lived at 320South 15th Street in Precinct A of the 21st Ward of Saginaw City,Michigan with their children Thelma G. 12, Hazel M. 8, Dorothy E. 35/12 and Step-brother Harvey B. Johnson, 12, all born in Michigan.They had been married for 19 (13) years and owned a radio set.
- Death certificate: Died in St. Lukes Hospital at age 73.

Burial: 05 Apr 1971, Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Saginaw, Michigan
Cause of Death: Multiple myeloma and pulminary umbali 
Reid, George Ambrose (I1363)
24 - 1974 - Living with Verna Dickie, presumably divorced from Gloria Dickie, Robert E. (I4673)
25 - 21 Nov 1760. John Player of Ratcliff is buried at St Dunstan andAll Saints. No age listed.

- 6 Feb 1763. John Player of Ratcliff is buried at St Dunstan andAll Saints. No age listed. Died of convulsions.

Will mentions

• Stephen Gimber of St Andrew Holborn, brother in law, brush maker
• four copyhold houses in Ratcliff on Brook Street (see Thomas Byard'swill - also houses on Brook Street)
• Dwelling house to Mary Pisely? [housekeeper]
• Elizabeth Jewel Gimber, daughter of Stephen [niece] bap. 6 May 1761,parents Stephen and Mary; married George Poole
• Sir Nicholas Chester Jr of Ratcliff, chipmaker
• William Smith of St Ann's Limehouse
• Mary Ross, daughter of Luke and Elizabeth Ross, mariner of Ratcliff
• William Harris, nephew
• Margaret Matthews, Sarah Cooper (wife of Benjamin Cooper), nieces
• Elizabeth Ross
Player, John (I7)
26 - 4th child
- Witness at Margaret’s wedding 
McGregor, Sarah (I4137)
27 - 8 years old at time of father’s death.
- Note on a portrait:
Description: c.1711-1787 portrait of william (1713-1792), son of thomas player; and jane wynne, his second wife both full length, standing, he wearing a green coat and scarlet waistcoat, a staff in his right hand, a greyhound and a dead hare at his feet, she wearing a pink dress with blue bows a pair, oil on canvas, in carved wood frames (2) each 49 by 33.5 cm., 19 1/4 by 13 1/4 in. William Player was son of Thomas Player and his wife Elizabeth Benett. His grandfather Henry Player bought the manor of Ryde, otherwise Buckland, from Sir John Dillington in 1705. He married firstly Betty, daughter of Captain John Goodall, who died in 1743 and secondly on 9th July 1757 Jane daughter of Peter Wynne of Farnborough, Kent. These portraits date from 1757, the year of William Player's second marriage. Provenance: By descent to the sitter's granddaughter Elizabeth, who married Captain Thomas Brigstocke; Thence by descent to her grandson George Robert Brigstocke (1874-1956) of Ryde, Isle of Wight; Mrs Thomas Bancroft, New York, later Duchesse d'Uzes; Sold Christie's, March 21st 1969, lot 66, bt. Leger for 4200gns. From (
- “When he was 60, in 1780/81, William Player retired from London to plan Union Street, Melville Street and Nelson Street to unite Upper and Lower Ryde. In 1789, he bought Ryde Farm. By his careful development of the town William Player ensured its shape. The boundaries of the future town borough remained those of the Player Estate into the 1930s. After William’s death, the estate was divided between his son, George, who continued to live at Ryde Farm, and his daughter, Elizabeth. She married Dr John Lind and they built Westmont on Queen’s Road.” From
- Will mentions wish to be buried next to first wife Betty. Mentions wife Jane. Son George and his wife Mary Ann. Daughter Elizabeth Lydia Lind, spinster daughter Maria Jane Player, cousin Sir William Bennett of Fareham, Peter Thresher of Fareham, William Hollis. 
Player, William Esquire (I3624)
28 - according to family history, David Burk had a brother Joseph whomarried a Catholic woman and moved to the NW territories.

- Joseph Burk, letters patent granted 1903 for NE Section 21, Twp 1,Range 31, Meridian W1. (He would have been around 80 at this time.Sounds a bit unlikely)

- Joseph Henry Burk, land grant c. 1896, NE S23 T32 R12 W4. SoundingCreek, SK 
Burk, Joseph (I1200)
29 - According to Mayflower Descendents, married James Q Carrell and hadMary Gladys Carrell. Hughes, Elizabeth Rushton (I2647)
30 - Accoucher at birth of Norman was Joseph’s sister Margaret. Ramsay, Ann (I1339)
31 - Actually the son of Ida Bowen and Joseph Fox. Was raised as Ida’sbrother.
- Obituary appeared in Edmonton Journal on 15 Dec 1958 
Bowen, Clinton Carvett (I269)
32 - Adam Shouldice mentions his brother George Shouldice in a letter tothe Colonial Office. Says he fought with the 36th Regiment of Foot.
- Possibly George Shouldice who signed the William Smith O’Brienpetition in 1848-49. Living in Adare, Co. Limerick (same origin asAdam Shouldice). (From Findmypast). William Shouldice also signed thepetition. 
Shouldice, George (I3351)
33 - Address on burial record is the same as one for FW Player family Player, Herbert Arthur (I2296)
34 - adopted Roberts, William Beal (I3782)
35 - After wife Ellen dies in 1860, children are dispersed among relatives.
- John Casey stays with his father
- Ellen Casey goes to aunt Mary Jane Burk Puley
- Robert Henry Casey goes to Alex Pogue and wife Catherine Burk Pogue.
- Alex Casey’s obit mentions an adopted daughter. Possibly one of these children.

- Parents John and Jane Casey listed on his marriage record to Elizabeth Forrest
- Father named as John Casey in death certificate

1861 Census
- Living next to Alexander Casey and family
- One child with him: John Casey
- Mary Pogue living with him, b. 1798, Ireland
- Living close to David and Esther Graham
- Living close to William Shouldice and family, Adam Shouldice and family

1871 Census
- Living in Minden

1881 Census
- Living in Minden

1891 Census
- Living in Minden

1901 Census
- Living next to sons John and Alexander
- Birthday listed as 15 Mar 1830

1911 Census
- Living with George and Agnes Duffer as a lodger. Widower.

- Robert H Casey is informant 
Casey, Robert (I327)
36 - Age at death 75

Will mentions:
- Son James Humphrey
- Daughter Elizabeth Fuller
- Daughter Jane Holloway
- Daughter Margaret Parker
- Grandchildren: James, Elizabeth, Thomas and John, children of James
- Grandchildren: Jeremiah, George, Afl?, children of late son Jeremiah
- Grandson: Holloway
- Granddaughter: Patience Parker
- Jane Humphrey, daughter of brother John Humphrey
- Mary, fourth? daughter of my brother Matthew Humphrey
- poor of the parish of Charleswood, Surrey
- Son-in-law: Benjamin Parker 
Humphrey, James (I4029)
37 - Aged 16 at time of marriage. Cooke, Mary (I259)
38 - Alfred and Eva both died within a 24 hour period at the RoyalColumbian Hospital during the "Spanish" flu pandemic. Ormsby, Eva Viola (I1346)
39 - Already present in Coventry in 1828. Player, Thomas (I3787)
40 - Also living with the family in 1851 is Catharine Melville, born1811, a servant. Melville, Francis Munro (I1844)
41 - Also named as Sophia Buckley Bulkley, Lucy (I1937)
42 - Alternately called Helen, Nellie, Ellen, Eleanor.

1881 Canadian Census.
James Ormsby, born about 1834 in Ontario, resided in Orillia, SimcoeNorth and worked as a labourer. His ethnic origin is listed asEnglish and religion as Calvanist Methodist. He lived with Ellen, hiswife, aged 29, William, aged 21, Albert, aged 18, Ellen, aged 14,Charles, aged 12, Robert, aged 4 and Elizabeth, aged 3.

- James and Helen Ormsby listed as parents on marriage certificate.Note on marriage certificate: “The bride’s name as given in licensein this certificate is Helen. Correct name is Eleanor of whichbridegroom was unaware when obtaining licence.”
- Eloped with husband as she was pregnant.

1901 Canadian Census
Ellen Finlay, married to Robert, born 11 Jul 1868 in Ontario, isliving in Winnipeg, Ward 5, District 12. Her religion is listed asmethodist and her occupation as harnessmaker. She made $600 in theyear. Ellen and Robert are living with their children Edith, 16,William, 13, and Georgie, 3. There are also two lodgers living in theresidence.

1906 Census of MB, SK, and AB
Ellen Findly, 36, is living in Ward 4, Winnipeg, with her husbandRobt, 44, and her children Edith, 20, Willie, 19, and Geo 8. Thereare two lodgers living with the family.

1911 Canadian Census
Ellen Farlay [sic], aged 39, is living with her husband Robert, 52,and her son George, 13, in Winnipeg at 288 Hargave. There are fourlodgers living with the family. Robert lists his occupation asharnessmaker and religion as Canadian Methodist. He made $1500 in thelast year. 
Ormsby, Eleanor (I2667)
43 - Alternatively called Helen, Eleanor or Ellen
- Alternative birth dates: 1861 census - 1840; 1871 census - 1841;1881 census - 1842; 1891 census -1833; 1901 census - 1842; deathcertificate - 1838.

Miscellaneous Notes
- Albert B. Ormsby lists his mother's name as Reed on his deathcertificate.
- Elizabeth Lillian lists mother's name as Eleanor Reed on marriagecertificate.

1861 Canadian Census
James Ormsby 27, a farmer lived in Oro Township, Simcoe, Ontario withhis wife Helen 21 and their children James 3 and William 2. They wereall born in Upper Canada and their religion was Weslyan Methodist.

1871 Canadian Census
James Ormsby 38, a hotel keeper born in Ontario of Irish origin livedin Orillia & Matchedash K, Simcoe North, Ontario. Page 21.

1881 Canadian Census
James Ormsby 47, a Laborer lived in Orillia, Simcoe North, Ontariowith his wife Ellen 39 and their children William 21, Albert 18, Ellen14, Charles 12, Robert 4 and Elizabeth 3. They were all born inOntario and their religion was Calvanistic Methodist.

1891 Canadian Census
James Ormsby, 59, born in Ontario, is living in District 119 TorontoEast St Thomas Ward. His father was born in Ontario and his mother inEngland. He is living with his wife Ellen, 58, born in Ontario. Herparents were born in Ireland. James is a teamster and a Methodist.They are living with their children Charles, 21, a tinsmith, born inOntario, Robert, 15, born in Ontario, and Elizabeth, 13, born inOntario. Ellen and the children belong to the Churst of England.

1901 Canadian Census
Ellen Ormsby 59, born March 24, 1842 lived in the 2nd Ward of TorontoEast with her children Charles 32, a Tinsmith born March 5, 1869,Robert 26, a Driver ? born April 1, 1874 and Lillian 23, bornSeptember 1, 1877. They were all born in Ontario and belonged to theChurch of England. Charles earned $650 and Robert $500. They had 2boarders that included Jennie Hays 22, a ? born in Ireland onSeptember 13, 1878. She earned $250 and was Presbyterian. Sheimmigrated in 1892. Note that James Ormsby is living at a separatelocation at this time.

Eleanor Ormsby died 18 Feb 1903 in Toronto aged 65. Address 127Shuter St.

26 Feb 1903
Mr and Mrs Ormsby returned on Monday from Toronto, where they wereattending the funeral of Mrs [sic] Ormsby’s mother. (Orillia Packet,26 Feb 1903) 
Reid, Ellen (I4272)
44 - Ancestor of the Hobbs family in Gosport, Hampshire through his daughter Elizabeth. Player, John (I1982)
45 - Another Ann Player born to John and Elizabeth in 1687 Player, Ann (I2267)
46 - Another Charles born in 1682 Player, Charles (I2518)
47 - Another child named Joanna born in 1697 Player, Johanna (I1811)
48 - Another child named Thomas born in 1712. Russell, Thomas (I4400)
49 - Another Elizabeth born in 1697 Perry, Elizabeth (I4452)
50 - Another Mary born in 1688 Perry, Mary (I4453)

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