The Player Family


Notes about the Player surname

The Player surname may have originated as an occupational surname for actors or musicians.  Variations include Plaw, Play, Plea, Pley, Ple, Ply and Player and Pleyer. The name may also have been given to successful sports competitors in the plai-stow, a field for athletic contests.

I am interested in the Player families from Coventry and London, England. In Coventry, the Players were watchmakers. I have been unable to trace the Player family back farther than the parents of the Coventry watchmaking family: John Player and Patience Byard.

Surname distribution

There are large concentrations of Player families in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Coventry and London.

Player surname distribution in UK 1881

Player surname distribution in UK 1881.

Important branches on my tree

Players on Twigged

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