The Hamann Family


Notes about the Hamann surname

This family is from Luechow, Saxony and Duisburg, Germany.  There are a lot of Ludwigs in this family.

The Hamann surname is derived from either the Low German Hoveman, meaning a farmer who owned his land, or from Haneman, a merged form of the first name Johannes and Mann.

Surname distribution

Hamann surname distribution in Germany

Hamann surname distribution in Germany. The family is concentrated in Northern Germany

Important branches on my tree

Hamann on Twigged

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  1. My mother’s maiden name was Mabel A. Hamann. She was born on 30 December 1907 in Brooklyn, NY. Her father was John W. Hamann. I am trying to trace the family back to Germany..

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Have you checked the immigration records for your Hamanns? Hamann is a fairly common name in Germany. My branch came to Canada 20 years ago from Germany, but I’m not sure if there were any relatives who moved to the US earlier.


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