The Burke Family


Notes about the Burk(e) surname

I am researching a Burke family who came from County Monaghan in Northern Ireland according to oral family history. This Protestant family likely came to Ontario, Canada in the late 1840s when many poor Irish fled the Potato Famine. There is a small possibility that they settled in Ontario before this time, but I don’t have any solid evidence of this yet. The family that I am researching settled in Victoria County.  Later generations of the family moved to Saskatchewan.  Some branches of the family spell the surname Burk and some spell it Burke.

Burke is the most common Irish surname of Norman origins.  This family is descended from the Anglo-Norman family of William de Burgo who came to Ireland in 1171. It is also spelled Bourke.

Surname distribution

Burke surname distribution in Ireland

Burke surname distribution in Ireland in the 19th century. The greatest concentration of Burkes is in Counties Galway, Tipperary, and Mayo.

Important branches on my tree

  • David Burk and Elizabeth Pogue. David and Elizabeth settled in Victoria County, Ontario.  Some of their descendants continued to use the Burk spelling, but others, like my branch of the family chose the more common Burke spelling.
  • Richard Burke and Mary Ann Shouldice.  This branch of the family moved to Gainsborough, Saskatchewan.

Burkes on Twigged

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