Apr 062014

I have done some major work on the web site in the last few months.  I have updated its look (yay!), and I have made some behind the scene changes that make some things easier for me (and hopefully for readers too). Twigged also has a brand-new Facebook page if you would like to follow [Read more …]

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Feb 222012

I’ve been messing around with the blog design and fixing up some things that had gone awry with the database site.  It was painful and I don’t want to talk about it really.  But it’s done.  And I’m not touching it again for a while. Coming soon though: – A post on an amazing photo/postcard [Read more …]

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Jan 072008

About a year ago, when my grandmother died, I started to look some genealogical information on the internet in order to put together a photo/family album of my grandmother’s life.  One google search later and I had at least five sites that referred to my great-great-great-grandfather.  Yikes!  The internet had radically changed genealogy since my [Read more …]