Oct 122008
The past, the other, the virtual

[Originally posted on Familiar Strangers blog] Jessie Alexander (1864-1955) Boiling it down, the basic premise for my project about internet genealogy will be a reflection on how the digitization of so many historical records affects our understanding about the past. I guess that the hidden assumption here is that communication media are as important to [Read more …]

May 062008

[Originally posted on Familiar Strangers blog] Brian mentioned in class that he was thinking about looking at ambient intimacy in his project. His basic idea was that the minutia that gets shared on Facebook creates an effortless, ambient intimacy with people in our networks. For instance, I know that Brian had a sports blog, went [Read more …]

May 042008
The Truth is NOT out there

[Originally posted on Familiar Stranger blog] Derek passed on a provocative article to me. Frank Furedi argues that the recent spate of “false” autobiographies is a reflection of our therapy culture which both promotes the stories of victims and encourages a rewriting of the past as a mode of identity construction in the present. Interesting [Read more …]