Apr 202008

[Originally published on Familiar Strangers blog] Like my fellow MACTers, I have been struggling with my abstract, trying to wrestle a jumble of unrelated thoughts into something somewhat intelligent. To be honest, I find this process disappointing. My ideas always FEEL better than they sound. Still, deadlines must be met, so here it is: Editable [Read more …]

Apr 092008

[Originally posted on Familiar Strangers blog] I think a lot about McLuhan’s claim that media are extensions of ourselves. Here is my latest insight: hypertextuality is extension of our essentially non-linear thinking patterns. Linear text in type can only go so far. Genealogy is a good example. A genealogical narrative is by no means linear. [Read more …]

Apr 062008
Traces we leave behind

[Originally published on Familiar Strangers blog] Surprising, I can find a meditative place while endlessly searching Google and databases for the names of my ancestors. And in this place, I have thought a lot about the traces that we leave behind from our lives. The traces aren’t what you would expect and they aren’t something [Read more …]

Apr 012008
Sticking to the familiar?

[Originally posted on Familiar Strangers blog] In this blog, I hope to keep a record/journal of my research for my final project for the Masters of Communication and Technology program at the University of Alberta. At this point in time, my ideas for this project remain somewhat vague and mushy, but I know that I [Read more …]