Nov 092014
David Burk and his siblings in Mariposa Township, Ontario

I’m still chipping away at one of my most interesting genealogical problems: Where did my third great grandfather David Burk (abt 1824-1891) come from in Ireland? When did he come to Canada? And who did he come to Canada with? What do we know already? We do know some important things about David: We know [Read more …]

Jul 192013
Who was Mary Ann Shouldice?

As I was researching the connection between the families of David and Richard Burk(e)  something stood out for me.  Richard Burke’s wife Mary Ann Shouldice died in 1873 after the birth of her son Frederick Whitlock.  Richard Burke was left to raise 10 children by himself.  Normally, a widower with children would remarry.  Richard never [Read more …]

Jan 162013
Update on the Burke Family of Mariposa Township, Victoria County, Ontario

Recent comments and inquiries about my Burke family research have reminded me that I do have a couple of additional pieces of information to add to the Burke family story. In a previous post, I mentioned that I believed that I had found the brother of my g-g-g-grandfather David Burk.  I believe that David and [Read more …]

Mar 112012
Tracing the Burke family from Mariposa Township, Ontario to Saskatchewan

I was recently facing a painful deadline for a paper that I was writing. It was killing me, and in my desperation, I decided to distract myself (read: procrastinate) by trying to make some headway on one of my most difficult brickwalls: tracing the Burke family back to Ireland. My paternal grandmother was a Burke, [Read more …]