Jan 142012
Bray Families in Ontario and Pennsylvania

Between 1845 and 1870, several branches of the Bray family of St. Teath, Cornwall, England emigrated to Ontario, Canada or to Pennsylvania, United States. Several of these families were Bible Christians and were fleeing moderate persecution and less-than-moderate poverty. The Brays who went to Pennsylvania worked in slate mines. Those who chose Canada worked as [Read more …]

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Oct 042009
Methusaleh, buried in woollen

When I showed my father a copy of my recent research, he loved the fact that he was related a Methusaleh (Methusalem) Pethick (1801-1881). The name probably tickled my father’s funny bone due to his almost non-existent religious inclinations and the name’s hard-to-ignore religious implications. As it turns out, Methusaleh was quite a luck name [Read more …]

May 202009
Not from Redruth

I was always destined to be the family genealogist. When I was younger, I had a “Family History” notebook where I had diligently filled out what was known of my family tree in my child’s handwriting. In Grade 10, I wrote a family history for the Bray family which encompassed several generations and told the [Read more …]