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Between 1845 and 1870, several branches of the Bray family of St. Teath, Cornwall, England emigrated to Ontario, Canada or to Pennsylvania, United States. Several of these families were Bible Christians and were fleeing moderate persecution and less-than-moderate poverty.

The Brays who went to Pennsylvania worked in slate mines. Those who chose Canada worked as farmers and aspired to own their own lands.

Below are the emigrations that I have found in two branches of the St. Teath Brays. These families are related. The children in each family are second cousins. While there is evidence that the sons of William Bray and Elizabeth Pethick kept in touch with each other after their emigration, I’m not sure how close they were to their second cousins who had also emigrated.

In Ontario, it was difficult to sort out the relationship between the Northumberland Brays and the Durham County Brays.

Sons of William Bray (1792-1872) and Harriet Inch (1794-1879):

      • William Bray (1818-bef 1891) and Ann May emigrated to Ontario c. 1848. William was a farmer in Haldimand Township in Northumberland County. He and his wife had three daughters.
      • James Bray (1826-?) and Elizabeth Keat emigrated to Plainfield, Pennsylvania between 1861 and 1870 where James worked as a slater.
      • Thomas Solomon Bray (1827-1909) and Elizabeth Ann Stephens emigrated to Ontario in 1850. Thomas and his wife settled in Hamilton Township, Northumberland County where they were farmers. Thomas and his wife had 11 children.
      • Samuel Henry Bray (1836-1916)and Anna Maria Male emigrated to Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania in 1866. Samuel worked as a quarryman.

Sons of William Bray (1798-1882) and Elizabeth Pethick (1795-1850)

        • John Bray (1823-1905) and Mary Luxon emigrated to Hope Township, Durham County, Ontario and were farmers. They emigrated between 1851 and 1854 (based on the birth dates and places of their daughters Annie and Matilda.)
        • William Bray (1825-1908)and Betsey Bath also emigrated to Hope Township where they were also farmers. They emigrated in 1850.
        • James Bray (1827-1890) and Mary Jewell moved to East Bangor, Pennsylvania where they were slaters. They moved between 1861 and 1870.
        • Richard Bray (1829-1870) moved to East Bangor, Pennsylvania where he died in 1870.
        • Joseph Bray (1834-1889) and Louisa Preston moved to East Bangor, Pennsylvania in 1856. Joseph Bray owned a slate mine and died a prosperous man.
        • Philip Bray (1837-1883). Philip moved to East Bangor, Pennsylvania between 1851 and 1860 and worked there as a slater.

As you can see from the chronological list of emigrations below, those who chose Ontario did so in the 1850s. Those who moved to Pennsylvania emigrated (with the exception of Joseph) in the 1860s.



There were probably several more of the St. Teath Brays emigrated to Ontario or Pennsylvania who I have yet to find. If you know of more, let me know!

William Bray and Betsey Bath Family

Philip Bray

Joseph Bray

Thomas Solomon Bray and Betsey Stephens

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