May 102009

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Yes, it’s true. I have been moving things and cleaning up around here. I have been maintaining two genealogy-related blogs for over a year now (well, the word “maintaining” might be a bit of an exaggeration!). I have decided to consolidate the two blogs (Familiar Strangers and Twigged) onto my Twigged web site which, as you can see, is now up and running.

I have been meaning to set this site up for a while, but I haven’t had the time work on the site design. Finally, with the completion of my last course for my MA, some time appeared in my life! The genealogy database doesn’t include all of my research. Currently, it is only my research on the Bray family. I realized as I was going through my research that some of it was rather shoddy so I am going through branch by branch and cleaning it up. As I do this it will appear on the site. I’ll post my updates here.

In the meantime, enjoy the blog and the new site. Let me know if you encounter any issues or problems.

  One Response to “What’s going on around here?”

  1. Just thought I’d take a peek at your blog – really enjoyed it and your writing is excellent!
    I haven’t forgot about getting you a picture of the “chair” – we’ve got a new camera so maybe in Aug. when the rest of my kin is here we will manage to figure out how to get the picture from the camera to my computer (I’m very illiterate with respect to the computer).
    Love and kisses to all
    Auntie Jay

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