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A photo of my grandmother taken on a trip to California in the 1930s.

Welcome to my genealogy web site.  On this web site, you can find the research that I have conducted on my family’s history.  You can find a list of the important families on this site below or here.

There are two parts to this web site: 1) a database containing all of my research, 2) a blog where I tell the story of the people on my tree.  You can search the database for:

There are more search options available on the Explore page.

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Important families

Most of the families on this tree emigrated from Europe to Canada in the 19th century.  Below is a list of the main branches on my tree sorted by country of origin.

England to Canada Scotland to Canada Ireland to Canada Germany to Canada USA to Canada

Recent posts

Coming Soon – A New Twigged.ca

Hello there, friends and family. My genealogy site Twigged.ca has laid fallow for far too long. I’ve been off working on other projects — namely, finishing my PhD in Writing Studies. The two years following the completion of that degree have been spent recovering from that arduous process. However, I now have more time for [Read more …]


Ludwig Hamann

Born in 1902, Ludwig Hamann, my husband’s grandfather, lived in Germany in a tumultuous time. He experienced the First World War and the interwar period when life in Germany was difficult for many. He joined a company that sold chicory coffee in 1922 and worked as a salesman for many years. Around that time, he also [Read more …]

Richard Burke

David Burk and his siblings in Mariposa Township, Ontario

Recent comments and inquiries about my Burke family research have reminded me that I do have a couple of additional pieces of information to add to the Burke family story. In a previous post, I mentioned that I believed that I had found the brother of my g-g-g-grandfather David Burk.  I believe that David and [Read more …]


Twigged update

I have done some major work on the web site in the last few months.  I have updated its look (yay!), and I have made some behind the scene changes that make some things easier for me (and hopefully for readers too). Twigged also has a brand-new Facebook page if you would like to follow [Read more …]

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